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About DNS Web Systems

DNS Web Systems is a web hosting provider with the highest customer care orientation. Having extensively examined and well tested our hosting platform ensures smooth performance of the products and services we offer. The mix of stable server performance and unparalleled customer care are grounds for our leading position on the hosting market. Available online at dnswebsys.com and/or www.dnswebsys.com.

24x7 Dedicated Technical Support

At DNS Web Systems we believe that fast and comprehensive technical support is crucial to the success of any web hosting company. Our Technical Support Team takes an extra mile 24/7/365 to offer you the excellence you deserve by choosing us.

Customer Care Mission

Every new DNS Web Systems client is followed-up with a welcome phone call by a sales representative to ensure client's confidence in choosing the right hosting provider by answering any questions you might have. See more contact options. We have created a list of frequently asked questions and elaborate solutions to help you get immediate, rigorous answers and continue run your business. Read our FAQ. If you can't find a satisfying solution for your brain-teaser in our FAQ, open a Trouble Ticket from your Control panel, Support center, Trouble Tickets Menu to contact directly our Technical Support Team.

Data center infrastructure

DNS Web Systems operates a clustered hosting platform between its two datacenters in Europe and the USA. This outstanding idea is the essence of the servers' stability and its steady position among the leading hosting providers on the world wide web.

Hosting Solutions

Dedicated to generating a revolution in the hosting industry we produce all modules of our clustered hosting platform in-house. Everything starting from server monitoring systems to the user's hosting control panel is designed, developed and extensively stress tested by our experienced staff. This determines the intangible quality of our platform aiming to satisfy all client's needs. You can trust DNS Web Systems.

Hosting Plans

All hosting plans feature Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, FTP, CGI, Perl, No Ads and more. ZackyTools is available with all paid plans. DNS Web Systems is the place for a free hosting site and if you like our service we hope you will consider upgrading to a paid plan.

News and Information:

*We have designed and deployed two separate web hosting clusters. One for the Free users and and one for our Paid clients!

This will guarantee greater performace and stability for all paying users and will allow us to keep up with the enormous free signup rates! The operation of the system is fueled by our own Core 2 Duo and Quad arrayed servers, Mysql clusters and Disk Storage Arrays in our ColoCenter connected to the redundant multihoming network of Level3, LambdaNet and LinXNET.

*All orders that you place are 100% protected by our SSL encrypted secure payment system. You personal data and credit card information are securely transferred over the Internet and are protected from unauthorized tampering attempts.

*PayPal is available as an alternative payment option along with the currently existing payment methods with Visa and Master Card credit cards. You can further protect your privacy using PayPal to pay for your web hosting needs!

*A dedicated Domain Registration section in the web hosting control panel allows you to register/transfer as many domains as you want with just several clicks of the mouse.

*We have enabled additional 3 and 6 months billing options for our web hosting plans. Each new customer can choose for how long to purchase the hosting package he/she is interested in. There are 3, 6, and 12 months periods currently. Some clients prefer paying on a monthly basis, which is reasonable especially for new customers who don't want to invest a 1 year payment up front.

*Our team has prepared new options for the PHP settings inside your Web Hosting accounts. We have launched for all of our paid clients the option to switch between PHP 4.4.4 / PHP 5.2.5 / PHP 6.0 with just a Click of the mouse. This gives more freedom to our paid clients they need. Developing on your sites is now even more easy and exciting when you can use the latest available technologies. We should mention that currently PHP 6.0 is still experimental version, not officially released as stable.

*Our web hosting platform now supports PostgreSQL Database for all paid accounts. An additional interactive section was added inside the web hosting Control Panel for PostgreSQL Database creation and its management via phpPgAdmin - web application, written in PHP, for managing PostgreSQL databases.

Our Datacenter and Network connectivity provider LambdaNet Communications Germany AG has now been awarded the globally acknowledged standard for information management security, documented by the IT certificate ISO 27001 which was presented on 06 November 2007.

This award reflects LambdaNet's commitment to information security. The standard covers a functional security organization and related ability to flexibly implement information security in the company. It makes sure that IT processes and resources are organized according to the SLAs concluded with both internal and external customers. At the same time, change management as a pivot of IT management thus becomes more calculable.

As LambdaNet already applies a process management system, the company management decided to introduce a process-oriented InformationSecurityManagementSystem (ISMS) according to ISO 27001 and to advance it up to certification level. More than 100 different guidelines from areas such as organizational security, incident management, risk management as well as other legal stipulations must be met in order to receive this certificate. The certified company e.g. should work in a process-oriented way and take all organizational measures as well as technical systems required to protect corporate valuables such as customer data or corporate know-how. Legal requirements must be met and the availability of electronic processes in the company must be assured.

Certification of LambdaNet was provided by a leading international service provider with more than 11,000 employees working in more than 600 offices in strategic fields such as industry, mobility and human beings. Specialist teams of provide optimization of technology, systems and know-how to enhance the competitiveness of global customers such as LambdaNet.

Our Partner Lambdanet: Today we are surrounded by a variety of different computer systems which have become an integral part of our work. As LambdaNet's business processes rely on IT systems, standard software and proprietary software, the usage of such systems involves hidden risks which can result either from careless usage or from the criminal activities of unauthorized persons. LambdaNet's IT Security Guideline is the target defined by management for all employees and external suppliers when dealing with information security risks or implementing precautions for the reduction of risks, explains Mohammad Salameh, LambdaNet Security Officer. He further emphasizes that it is vital for the company to consequently adhere to these guidelines in order to persist against competition and to meet high level customer requirements. We are excited about our new ISO 27001 certification which for us is an independent confirmation of our efficient IT security management.


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